High School Genes from Goop Review

High School Genes reviewsHigh School Genes is a food supplement intended for women. According to the marketing material, it should be particularly good for ladies who are in a premenopausal or postmenopausal state and feel as if their metabolism may be slowing down. It’s also deemed equally suitable for women whose bodies have stopped responding to diet and exercise.

The product is rich in vitamins and minerals, and also contains a number of other natural compounds that have been added to promote a better state of health. There are a lot ingredients involved; so many it was not possible to fit them into a single pill. Women who buy High School Genes are provided with a sachet of pills for each day of the week. There are six pills inside and they all have to be taken at once:

  • 1 x PhytoBlend Multi tablet
  • 1 x Free Radical Scavenger Tablet
  • 1 x Omega-3 EPA-DHA 1000 softgel capsule
  • 1 x Gut Balance Tablet
  • 2 x Metabolism Boost Tablets

Manufacturer Credibility

High School Genes is one of several vitamin-rich supplements that have been developed Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop.

Paltrow launched Goop in September 2008. It began as a weekly email newsletter full of new age advice for modern-thinking women.

The company has moved on since then and now markets fragrances, clothing, beauty products, and a lot more. However, many of the ideas put forward on the Goop blog and some of the products the company sells have proved to be very controversial.

The Goop vaginal egg is a good example. It was made of jade and, according to Goop, women who inserted it into their vaginas could reap numerous health benefits. This angered many health professionals and one gynecologist told The Washington Post: “No, Gwyneth Paltrow, women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas!”

What is Goop High School Genes? 

Goop don’t come out and say High School Genes is a weight loss aid. In fact, there is a disclaimer on the sales page that states “this product is not a weight-loss product”.

However, with all that talk of slowed metabolism, along with the statement that the product may help women who are no longer responding well to diet and exercise, it’s pretty clear High School Genes is intended to be attractive to women who have gained weight because of the hormonal changes associated with menopause.

Active Ingredients

The six pills that make up High School Genes contain around 50 ingredients.

Blend Potential

Some of the ingredients, such as Vitamin B6 and Niacin, can help promote a healthy metabolism. Others, green tea and green coffee bean extract are two good examples, can help increase energy expenditure and make the body burn calories faster.

Iodine stands out as being a particularly appropriate inclusion for a product intended to address hormonal issues because it is one of the components the thyroid gland uses to manufacture the hormones that are responsible for governing the metabolism.

Unfortunately, the fact that so many ingredients are involved makes it impossible to say what benefits or hazards use of the product may entail. It does have one thing going for it though. The High School Genes formulations were created by Sara Gottfried, M.D, and she’s pretty much a hormone guru, so it’s possible that women who take their six pills per day may reap some health benefits.

Usage Guidelines

All six of the pills that have to be taken together. No other usage instructions are supplied, so it is unclear whether the pills should be taken with food or on an empty stomach.

Customer Testimonials

No customer feedback was available at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

People often fail to realize it’s possible to overdose on vitamins, but it does happen. Lots of cereals and other food is fortified with vitamins and minerals and anyone who eats a reasonably healthy diet may already have a pretty well-balanced vitamin intake. Bearing this in mind, we suggest all potential users of this product seek the advice of their GP before they commence supplementation.

Where to Buy High School Genes

High School Genes is exclusive to the Goop website. A box contains enough one-day sachets to last for 30 days and has a price tag of $90 (£69).

It’s also possible to buy High School Genes via auto-ship and customers who do so make a slight saving because the price comes down to $75 (£57.50) per box. Even then, this is still a rather pricey supplement to use.

However, unless you are resident in the USA, you will not need to worry about the cost of the product because Goop no longer offers international shipping options.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Women who wish to try and alleviate problems that have come into play thanks to the hormonal changes relating to menopause may find that High School Genes improves their life for the better. But if they do not they will not be able to get a refund and, let’s not forget, this is quite a pricey product.

Women who want to lose weight would be far better off choosing an alternative option. If the product is used in conjunction with diet and exercise, it may help speed up the results a little bit, but it will not offer the same level of support as the best diet pills.

PhenQ would be a far better option because it suppresses hunger urges, boosts the metabolism, accelerates fat burning, and offers weight loss support in other areas as well. PhenQ is also cheaper than High School Genes and, better yet, there’s a money back guarantee.

Recommended Diet Pill – Consumer Choice

PhenQ recommendedPhenQ is a multi action, multi benefit diet pill that is suitable for just about anyone and everyone.

PhenQ can burn excess fat, block the creation of new fat while suppressing appetite.

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