Choosing Diet Pills in 2020 – What to Look For

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What to Look For In a Diet Pill In 2020

Although diet pill brands may come and go, the main diet pill features remain largely unchanged from one year to the next. So the abilities you need to look for when choosing a diet pill in 2020, are pretty much the same as a few years ago.

The best diet pills are the ones that provide people with support in all the areas they need. However, although some people may need extra help to control hunger, and others may struggle with fatigue, diet pills that provide multiple benefits always provide the best results.

So what are the important diet pill features you should be looking for? How do diet pills work and what abilities may make one brand more suitable than the next?

Let’s take look at some important diet pill features you will need to be aware of before buying a diet pill in 2020.

Appetite Suppression

If you want to lose weight you will need to control the amount and type of food you put into your mouth. That means making healthy food choices and cutting out unnecessary sugars and fats. For most people, it also means eating a lot less.

Switching to a healthier diet is the easy part. All it takes is a little commitment. It’s eating less that presents the real problem. If you make any serious attempts to do so there’s a good chance your body will respond by hitting you with hunger pangs.

If you can ignore your hunger and push through, you’ve got it made. Most people can’t. A failure to get to grips with hunger is one of the biggest reasons so many diets fail. Furthermore, research shows women are more susceptible to hunger than men are. [SOURCE]

This problem with hunger is a big one. When you are choosing a diet pill don’t underestimate it. If you can’t control your hunger it will control you. That’s why appetite suppression is such an important diet pill feature—especially for women.

Fortunately, most diet pills are designed to provide hunger control, but some ingredients are better at doing it than others.

If you are not sure which appetite suppressing ingredient to look for, here is a list of four of the best:

  1. Glucomannan (Konjac)
  2. Cayenne Pepper Extracts
  3. Garcinia Cambogia
  4. Nopal Cactus Extract

Most of these ingredients have other abilities as well, so don’t sell them short. For instance, glucomannan lowers cholesterol, and cayenne pepper is one of the most potent fat burners you can get.

Appetite suppression diet pills 2019

Craving Control

Apart from providing appetite suppression, some of the best diet pills also control cravings for sugar and carbs. These cravings are not the same as genuine hunger.

Hunger happens when your body perceives a need for food. Carb and sugar cravings generally occur after the stomach has been fed. They happen when the meal elevates the blood sugar level.

The digestive process releases energy into the blood. Large meals or even small meals if they are high in calories, can push the blood sugar higher than the norm.

The pancreas gland responds to the situation by pumping out extra insulin to bring the blood sugar down. The problem is, insulin sometimes brings the blood sugar level down too far. This is what triggers the cravings for sugar and carbs. [SOURCE]

This is a common problem so most of the best diet pills contain ingredients that help keep blood sugar levels on an even keel. A few ingredients have this ability. However, chromium and green coffee bean extract are the two that work the best.

Chromium is probably the most powerful of the two. It’s certainly the one most diet pill manufacturers choose, but green coffee bean extract offers an additional benefit that chromium does not—it’s a fat burner.

Woman with energy


Once you have your hunger and cravings under control, there should be nothing holding you back. Of course, you still need to make wise food choices and avoid too much sugar and fat.

The problem is, bringing down your calorie intake can cause lethargy. For that reason, a lot of diet pills also provide ingredients that give you some extra zing.

Caffeine is the most commonly-used energy providing ingredient in diet pills and it gets the job done. However, some people prefer to avoid it and a minority of people do not tolerate it well. High doses may also prevent hormonal issues to women who are trying to lose weight. [SOURCE]

Apart from being excellent for providing energy, caffeine also helps the body to burn fat, so it’s a good ingredient. It’s not the only ingredient that provides energy though.

L-Carnitine provides energy too. So do B Vitamins and turmeric. So if you want a stimulant-free energy buzz there are many good ways to do it.

Fat burning diet pills

Fat Burning

Diet pills that control hunger and cravings make it easy to stick with a life with less food. This alone is enough to help you to lose weight. Fat burners are ingredients that help you to lose it faster. They do it by speeding up the metabolism.

The metabolism extracts energy from food and puts it to use. If it becomes retarded or is naturally slow, you will find it very easy to gain weight and much harder to lose it.

By speeding up the metabolism, diet pills that contain fat burning ingredients cause you to burn calories faster. This further depletion in energy causes a greater need for the burning of fat.

Some diet pill ingredients take things further by boosting thermogenesis. This is a natural process that causes the body to lose energy as heat. Hard exercise also boosts thermogenesis, but good thermogenic fat burning ingredients can cause extra energy to be lost as heat during periods of rest. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]

Some studies show green tea can do this for up to 24-hours a day. a-LACYS RESET is another excellent fat burning ingredient and it’s good for keeping you nice and toned because it also supports improvements in muscle mass.

woman blocking fat

Fat Blocking

Fat blockers are another ingredient some people look for in a diet pill. These ingredients have the ability to prevent the body from digesting fat. Not all fat, just a percentage of it, but fat provides nine calories per gram so it’s not an ability to be sniffed at.

When they are added to multi-functional diet pills, fat blockers can be good for bringing down the calorie intake still further and pushing the body into burning more (body) fat for energy.

It’s possible to buy diet pills that do nothing but block fat. The problem is such pills are generally abused. Instead of using them to lose weight, many people use them to try and eat lots of fatty food without gaining weight.

The two most popular fat blockers are chitosan and nopal. Chitosan is normally taken from deep-sea crustaceans. That makes it unsuitable for people who are vegetarian or suffer from seafood allergies. Nopal is a better option because it comes from a cactus.

Nopal also has abilities chitosan does not. It suppresses the appetite, helps balance blood sugar and insulin, and provides energy-boosting amino acids.

what are carbohydrates

Carb Blocking

Carb blockers lower calorie intake in a similar way to fat blockers. The only real difference is they do so by blocking the digestion of carbs.

Like fat blockers, the presence of carb blockers in a diet pill can be beneficial because it lowers calorie intake. The problem is they are also open to abuse.

It’s possible to buy diet pills that do nothing other than block carbs and the people who buy them usually do so due to a wish to overload on carbs without belt-busting repercussions.

Carb blockers should always be used responsibly and they work best when they are included in diet pills that provide additional benefits on top.

The best carb blocking ingredient is white kidney bean extract (Phaseolus vulgaris). So if you are looking for a diet pill that blocks carbs check to see that it’s there. [SOURCE]

Best Diet Pills for 2020

There are a few good multi-functional diet pills on the market. It’s always nice to have a choice, but too many options can make it difficult to decide on the best one to buy.

Presuming you are earnestly seeking the best diet pill to help you to lose weight, PhenQ and Leanbean are two of the very best.

PhenQ is intended to help anyone who needs to lose weight. Leanbean is a more specialized option because it’s specially formulated for women.

If you are wondering why there isn’t an option that’s only for men, the answer is simple. PhenQ can give you all the support you need.

PhenQ works for women too. However, Leanbean could be seen as a superior option because it’s designed to address the extra biological problems faced by women who wish to lose weight.

PhenQ – Multi Function, Men and Women

PhenQ is the most respected diet pill in the world. There’s a reason for that. The unique combination of ingredients it provides delivers rapid, sustainable weight loss in a safe and natural way.

PhenQ for 2019

Lots of men have lost weight with PhenQ. A great many women have too. In fact, since its launch in 2015, PhenQ has already helped more than 190,000 people ditch their flab and get in shape. That’s damned impressive.

When it comes to providing a far-reaching level of support, PhenQ takes some beating. It has so many virtues it has been compared to several diet pills rolled into one. You won’t find a diet pill with better reviews.

However, it’s not surprising the formulation has proved to be such a runaway success story. The formulation contains some of the best ingredients available and many of them serve multiple roles.

Phenq before and after

For instance, Capsimax is a powerful fat burner and an appetite suppressant too. Nopal is versatile as well. It blocks fat absorption, suppresses the appetite, and boosts energy.

In addition to containing a powerful blend of ingredients, PhenQ also has an addition that boosts the other ingredients’ potency by enabling them to be absorbed more efficiently.

It’s reasonably priced, has free worldwide shipping, and a 60-day money back guarantee. Seriously, what more could you ask from a diet pill?

Read the PhenQ full review here

Leanbean – Women Only

To be honest, although it’s really intended for women, Leanbean could help men to lose weight too. It’s not going to cause guys to grow boobs or emasculate them in any way.

LeanBean for 2019

One of the things that makes Leanbean so special is its ability to suppress hunger. It contains more powerful appetite suppressing ingredients than any other diet pill on the market.

Women are more susceptible to hunger, so Leanbean provides extra help in that area. The thing is guys who find it unusually difficult to resist hunger could get the extra support they need from Leanbean too.

Leanbean has double the power when it comes to controlling cravings for sugar and carbs as well. Instead of providing either chromium or green coffee bean extract, the formulation provides both. Again, many men could benefit from this too.

Caffeine can interfere with female hormones, so Leanbean has B Vitamins and other energy providing ingredients instead. This is a feature that makes it a very good option for anyone who wants/needs caffeine-free weight loss, no matter what their sex.

Lean Bean 2019 customer photos before and after

One of the really special things about Leanbean is the formulation also addresses certain hormonal issues women face, such as menopausal weight gain. This feature may not offer any benefits to men, but nor will it present any problems. It’s simply something men will not need.

Here’s the bottom line: If you are a woman struggling to lose weight, Leanbean is the best diet pill to help. If you are a guy who has especially powerful hunger issues or needs stimulant-free weight loss, it’s a good option for you too.

Read the full LeanBean review here

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