Bliss Go Pack from 1st Phorm

Bliss Diet PillsBliss Go Pack was a weight loss stack for women.

It consisted of three products and used to be available via the manufacturer’s website and from

At the time of the review the product was no longer available from either source.

The individual products can still be purchased: Thyro-Drive and Opti-Core and Commander Edge fat burner

What is Bliss Go Pack and How Does it Work? 

Bliss Go Pack consisted of three products made in America by 1st Phorm International:

  1. Bliss: A fat burner for women
  2. Thyro-Drive: Designed to stimulate the thyroid gland and boost the metabolism
  3. Opti-Core: A stress reducing diet pill intended to boost the metabolism and aid restful sleep


Although Bliss used to be available to buy as a standalone product, it is also no longer listed on the manufacturer’s website. Thyro-Drive and Opti-Core are still available to buy individually and can also be bought alongside the Commander Edge fat burner as part of the Commander Go Pack—a product intended for men as well as women.

The thyroid gland produces hormones that are necessary for a healthy metabolism, so supplement manufacturers often produce products designed to ensure the thyroid functions at full speed. By packaging their Thyro-Drive product with their Bliss female fat burner, 1st Phorm appear to have hoped to help women to maximise their fat burning ability throughout the day.

Opti-Core’s role in the stack was to de-stress the mind and allow users to wake up already primed for maximum fat burning. Stress is known to cause an increase in cortisol levels. The cortisol hormone has been linked to overeating, comfort eating, and weight gain, so the presence of Opti-Core in the Bliss Go Pack had theoretical merit.

Key Ingredients

We were unable to find any information about the ingredients used in Bliss, but the fact that it is no longer available suggests it did not prove to be a winning formulation.

We clicked on the “ingredients” link on the Thryo-Drive sales page and were presented with a lot of empty space, but had more success with Opti-Core. The main ingredient appears to be a proprietary blend called AdrenaCort Recovery that contains unspecified amounts of GABA, valerian root, Kava Kava, 5HTP, Alpha GPC, and Melatonin.

It’s certainly possible that a formulation such as this may help reduce stress and aid restful sleep, but we were unable to find any customer reviews that confirm that it does.

Usage Instructions

Morning Dose

Take one to two (Bliss) pills and two Thyro-Drive pills, with 16 oz of water, 15 to 45 minutes before breakfast.

Early-Afternoon Dose

Take one to two (Bliss) pills and two Thyro-Drive pills, with 16 oz of water, 15 to 45 minutes before lunch.

Nightly Dose

Take three Opti-Core pills at least 45 minutes before going to bed and wash them down with 12-16 oz of water.

* New users are advised to begin with one Bliss pill and only increase the dose after tolerance has been assessed.*

Bliss Go Pack Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is mixed.

A few average reviews read:

“This is a pretty goood stack. I’ve been eating right, using the products in the recommended way, and going to Zumba three times a week. I lost 20 lbs the first month and look set to do the same again this month.”

 “This product was good at curbing my appetite, but that only lasted a few days then it was back to normal and I felt really tired and exhausted. When I checked my weight I’d gained 5 pounds.”

 “I lost 15lbs in 8 days, but I was dieting and exercising too so I am sure that helped. I definitely feel a little more energetic though.”

 “Don’t waste your money. The only thing this product will do is make you feel sick to your stomach.”

Bliss Go Pack Side Effects

Customer feedback suggests use of this product may have unpleasant repercussions for some users. The most commonly reported side effects are headaches, upset stomach, and other digestive problems. One user even claims to have suffered joint pain. Another says the product caused her to put on weight.

Where To Buy Bliss Go Pack

Bliss Go Pack is no longer available via the manufacturers website, and the sales page states the product is unavailable, so it seems likely the product has been discontinued.


All 1st Phorm products are sold with a 110%, 30-day money back guarantee. That takes some beating because dissatisfied customers can reclaim all the money they spent plus an additional 10%.

The Bottom Line

Bliss Go Pack was a nice idea in as much that the product was designed to provide users with 24-hour support, and the guarantee was very good, but the fact that the product appears to have been discontinued makes further speculation pointless. It also suggests 1st Phorm may have found the stack was not effective enough to back with a guarantee that could leave them so severely out of pocket.

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